Monday, February 8, 2010

Body Bugg Results

Week two of Body Bugg is down.  I did pretty good.  On week one, I lost 10 lbs.  I know that sounds crazy, but I guess that is normal for weight loss.  You lose a lot of water weight and food weight during the first week.  I talked with a Body Bugg trainer who told me that is totally normal and to expect to see a two to three pound loss each week afterward if I stick to the program.

Week two was right on with her prediction.  I stuck to the plan very well and saw a 2.5 lb loss.  Good stuff.

I have been absolutely committed to logging every piece of food that I am eating and plugging in my bugg at least twice a day to see how I am doing.

Here’s what I have found about apetite…   When I am eating very well and not over indulging, I actually do not have hunger pangs or cravings at all.  I never feel full and could always eat more.  I am trying to view food more as fuel and not as entertainment and enjoyment.  However, both last week and this week, I did have a meal where I over indulged at some awesome Chinese.  The results of this were feeling overfull, which did not feel great to me, and also having more cravings and hunger pangs the next day. 

It really shows that when you do over indulge, it can be a real set back because you have to overcome hunger pangs again and the guilt of going over your calorie allowance. 

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